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Self-Employed? Cut Your Taxes with a Defined Benefit Plan [Video]

Self-employed professionals and business owners have access to a powerful tool that may cut thousands from their taxes each year and help them boost their retirement savings.

A Defined Benefit Plan (DB plan) is an IRS-approved qualified retirement plan that allows higher tax-deductible contributions than a SEP-IRA or 401(k). The DB plan owner can significantly cut taxable his/her income and contribute larger amounts for retirement, therefore growing a substantial retirement nest egg rapidly.

If you think you may qualify, Orion Capital Management LLC can help you. Contact us to learn more:

Additionally, you can fill out our Tax Savings Analysis form which will give us the information we need to generate a proposal about how much you may be able to save.

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Peter Thoms, CFA , MBA

Peter Thoms founded Orion Capital Management LLC in April 2002. Peter has an extensive background in crafting investment solutions for high-income clients in a wide variety of circumstances.

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