About Us

What is Orion Capital Management LLC?

Defined Benefit Plan Solutions is an offering of Orion Capital Management LLC, an independent Registered Investment Advisor.

Through the years of working with clients, we realized that a good number of our high-income, self-employed clients needed a better solution for saving more for retirement and reducing their taxes.  Defined Benefit plans have worked well to save these clients tremendous amounts and help build their wealth.

Our Background

We opened our doors in 2002 with a clear and simple mission: to grow and protect our clients’ wealth by implementing durable, resilient investment and planning strategies that are comfortable for our clients, suitable for their circumstances and grounded in our independent research and objective judgment. Our independence and our commitment to client service set us apart from our competition.


We are an independent fiduciary, and as such we guard your interests vigorously. Today, conflicts of interest between financial firms and their clients are rife and often difficult for clients to detect.  At Orion, however, we have structured our firm to align our interests as closely as possible with yours.  


As a fee-only firm, we earn a management fee based upon the assets that we manage, giving us a clear incentive to grow your investment portfolio. We also receive no commissions or other compensation based on transactions and we do not sell any financial products. 


Finally, because we are 100% employee-owned and have no corporate parent, we are free to focus exclusively on managing your investments and financial plans.

Today, Orion has a diverse base of clients that includes individuals, families, corporations, trusts, retirement plans, pension plans and non-profit organizations.

Our core Values

Working With Clients:

  • We believe our clients deserve responsive, attentive and pro-active service.

  • We believe in full transparency.

  • We believe in clear, non-jargon-based communication.

  • We believe in authentic relationships based on trust and collaboration.

  • We believe it is our responsibility to devote a portion of our time to giving back to our community.

Running Our Business:

  • We believe clients are best served working only with fiduciaries, who are required by law to put the interests of their clients ahead of their own.

  • We believe in being technical experts in our field, and we hold a commitment to lifelong learning.

  • We believe that a fee-only business model (no commission or sales charges) best serves clients.

  • We believe in using the latest technology to deliver an exceptional client experience.

Investing & Financial Planning:

  • We believe each client deserves a unique, customized and detailed financial plan.

  • We believe in reducing complexity to bring maximum clarity to our clients’ financial situations.

  • We believe in using disciplined, evidence-based investment strategies.

  • We believe in minimizing cost.

  • We believe in diversification.

  • We believe in investing in a tax-efficient manner.

More Detail

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Case Studies

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About Us

We craft custom retirement plan solutions to maximize clients’ tax savings while rapidly building retirement wealth.

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