Is a Cash Balance Plan Right For You?

Cash Balance Plans:
Your Solution if You Have Employees

If you have employees, a type of Defined Benefit plan called a Cash Balance plan may be a great option for you.  In fact, you can combine a Cash Balance plan and a 401(k) Profit Sharing plan for your business to provide a flexible solution that helps you save more for your retirement, while also helping your employees save and providing a valuable employment incentive.

Key Benefits of a Cash Balance + 401(k) Profit Sharing plan include:

Flexible Structure

A flexible structure allows these plans to meet the needs of a variety of business owners, including partners.  Flexibility also applies to the contribution rates - owners and employees have different contribution rates. 

Large Tax Savings

Contribution limits for Cash Balance plans are higher and because they are tax deductible, they allow for larger annual tax savings for owners than is available with more traditional retirement accounts.

Employment Bonus

The 401(k)/profit sharing plan offers a valuable bonus to employees, and at the same time keeps the required contributions on their behalf limited and controllable.

Rapid Wealth Creation

Higher contribution limits allow owners to put away more money each year and because investments grow tax-deferred, owners can build more wealth quickly.

Conservative, More Secure Investment Profile

Cash Balance plans are typically tied to a conservative benchmark to avoid dramatic market fluctuations and to ensure that owners and participants can count on these retirement savings.


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